Tuesday, March 27, 2012

water to grow bigger!

I wish I would have taken a picture but the moment lapsed and it was over so I didnt have the time to snap it. we just got done planting our garden and the kids helped/ watched and love going out everyday and watering with me, they are soo excited for the seeds to pop up and show little sprouts. Lincoln(3)says everyday that "we are going to make the garden grow really big so we have to water it so it can get bigger" and we always tell him yep its just like people, we need water and food to grow bigger too. So we had the back door open after school yesterday and we heard Lyla just start crying so our first thought was she probably climbed on something and fell down but we walked out there and she was soaked in water and we looked at Lincoln and he was grinning from ear to ear and we asked him why in the world would you do that? And in such a simple way he said he was trying to make "yiya" grow bigger and be big like him! we all laughed and thought it was the cutest thing ever!

ps..we have our first sprouts of a cucumber plant popping up!! yay


Larry Porter said...

I am still laughing out loud and i am the only one here!

Hollyj said...

What a smartie pants! You would think it would work, huh/ But I bet if Lyla got bigger than him, he wouldn't like it so much. :)